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July 30, 2015

A fun star-themed party for TJ’s 1st Birthday!

TJ_1st_Birthday_01 TJ_1st_Birthday_04TJ_1st_Birthday_02TJ_1st_Birthday_03 TJ_1st_Birthday_05TJ_1st_Birthday_06

June 25, 2015

A beautiful recent maternity session with my friends Melissa & Van!  Congrats on the birth of Mila!

Mel_Van_maternity_03Mel_Van_maternity_02Mel_Van_maternity_01Mel_Van_maternity_04 Mel_Van_maternity_05Mel_Van_maternity_06

June 22, 2015

A couple of weeks ago some girl friends and I headed out to Ojai for a little weekend getaway!

Ojai Rancho Inn
Ojai_03Ojai_16Ojai_04 Ojai_05 Ojai_15Ojai_07The Garden Cottage at Ojai Rancho Inn

Fig Curated LivingOjai_09In the Field + Shop Summer Camp
Ojai_11Bart’s Books
Ojai_13 Ojai_14

June 3, 2015

Ruth_Pat_wedding_01 Ruth_Pat_wedding_02 Ruth_Pat_wedding_03 Ruth_Pat_wedding_04 Ruth_Pat_wedding_05 Ruth_Pat_wedding_06 Ruth_Pat_wedding_07 Ruth_Pat_wedding_08 Ruth_Pat_wedding_09 Ruth_Pat_wedding_10 Ruth_Pat_wedding_11 Ruth_Pat_wedding_12 Ruth_Pat_wedding_13 Ruth_Pat_wedding_14 Ruth_Pat_wedding_15 Ruth_Pat_wedding_16 Ruth_Pat_wedding_17 Ruth_Pat_wedding_18 Ruth_Pat_wedding_19 Ruth_Pat_wedding_20 Ruth_Pat_wedding_21 Ruth_Pat_wedding_22 Ruth_Pat_wedding_23 Ruth_Pat_wedding_24 Ruth_Pat_wedding_25 Ruth_Pat_wedding_26 Ruth_Pat_wedding_27 Ruth_Pat_wedding_28 Ruth_Pat_wedding_29 Ruth_Pat_wedding_30 Ruth_Pat_wedding_31 Ruth_Pat_wedding_32 Ruth_Pat_wedding_33 Ruth_Pat_wedding_34 Ruth_Pat_wedding_35


Wedding Venue:  Altadena Country Club
Floral Design:  Emblem Flowers
Make-up Artist:  Primped by Sue (
Wedding Dress:  2000 Dreams Bridal
Photo Booth:  Renowned Events


April 30, 2015

It was such an honor to be a part of my friends Ashley & Baldwin’s beautiful wedding day at The Old Mill in San Marino!  They are two of the sweetest people you could meet and I am so so happy for them!

Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_02 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_03 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_04 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_05 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_06 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_07 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_08 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_09 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_10 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_11 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_12 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_13 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_14 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_16 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_17 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_18 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_19 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_20 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_21 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_22 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_23 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_24 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_25 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_26 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_27 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_28 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_29 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_30 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_31 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_32 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_33 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_34 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_35 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_36 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_37 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_38 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_39 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_40 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_41 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_42 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_43 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_44 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_52Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_46 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_47 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_48 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_49 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_50 Ashley_Baldwin_wedding_51


Wedding Venue: The  Old Mill (El Molino Viejo) in San Marino
Girls Getting Ready:  The Langham in Pasadena
Make-Up Artist:  Primped by Sue (
Floral Design:  Emblem Flowers
Catering:  Stonefire Grill


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