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July 1, 2014

LeAnna_Greg_engagement_01LeAnna_Greg_engagement_06LeAnna_Greg_engagement_05LeAnna_Greg_engagement_07 LeAnna_Greg_engagement_08 LeAnna_Greg_engagement_10LeAnna_Greg_engagement_12 LeAnna_Greg_engagement_13LeAnna_Greg_engagement_17LeAnna_Greg_engagement_19

June 27, 2014

Some details from a beautiful backyard baby shower I had the pleasure of photographing recently!  Guests lunched poolside & were invited to design a bib or t-shirt for Baby Lockhart!

Backyard_Baby_Shower_01 Backyard_Baby_Shower_02 Backyard_Baby_Shower_03 Backyard_Baby_Shower_04 Backyard_Baby_Shower_05 Backyard_Baby_Shower_06 Backyard_Baby_Shower_07 Backyard_Baby_Shower_08 Backyard_Baby_Shower_09 Backyard_Baby_Shower_10 Backyard_Baby_Shower_11

April 27, 2014

Sweet dreaming with little Riley…Riley_newborn_01 Riley_newborn_02 Riley_newborn_03Riley_newborn_04Riley_newborn_06Riley_newborn_07Riley_newborn_08Riley_newborn_09 Riley_newborn_10

April 10, 2014

A few portraits taken with my Contax.

film_portraits_01 film_portraits_03film_portraits_02film_portraits_05film_portraits_04

Contax 645 | Fuji 400H | Richard Photo Lab

April 1, 2014

I’m finally getting around to posting part 2 of my Paris trip!  If you missed part 1, you can see it here.

Paris is seriously such a beautiful city!  I loved the way all the buildings looked with their cute little balconies & potted plants and ornate doors!  And I LOVED their public transit!  It was so easy to get around the city by metro and by Velib (their bike share system).  And now with so many smart phone apps that have offline maps with location services (meaning you’re not using any data but your phone can still detect where you are), you never have to worry about getting lost!  My favorite apps for getting around in Paris were Ulmon and Paris Metro.  The TripAdvisor app is also a good one.

Also, I have to mention that Michelle & I were very impressed with what people were able to transport via their bikes.  We saw a lady with a special little hook on the back of her bike that allowed her to pull her rolling suitcase behind her.  So clever!  Oh, we also saw a TON of people on roller blades…including some police officers at the Louvre!  I love that Paris is so multi-modal.

Enjoy these little snippets of Paris!

Paris_France_30Paris_France_06Paris_France_16The Centre Pompidou - Many museums in Paris offer free entry on the 1st Sunday of each month, and we happened to be there at the right time!
Paris_France_33Paris_France_34Paris_France_35Paris_France_36Berthillon ice cream!Paris_France_37Lots of awesome street art everywhere you go!
Paris_France_38Paris_France_40Paris_France_32Sacre Coeur
Paris_France_41Paris_France_42Paris_France_44Paris_France_43Paris_France_45Paris_France_25Paris_France_26Paris_France_24 Paris_France_27

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